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Powerbomb Pay thanks everyone who supports us and appreciates you more than you know!

We are not asking for donations, we've been asked by people who don't invest in Cryptocurrencies how they can support the project, this is what we came up with. You can donate any amount you want in Cryptocurrency to these wallet addresses below and for non-Crypto donations we have a PayPal set up. 

Note: Your donations will only be used for project funding. We will use the donations for hiring staff, marketing, and overall building and growth of the project.

Donation Wallets

BNB: 0xEaa28DF4673377a601Bb503677bD0903a3079452

BTC: 1uGKdXtKfyhvxnKfGP1611vxwd3MRHwiU

ETH: 0xff71bf6d249154cf1316042033d7329cc264c7ba

PBP: 0x4a715Ab73Ca49C0F309d1DF567b73F42978f1bc8

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

What Your Donation Covers

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