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Powerbomb Pay's $PBP Official Launch Date Revealed

Powerbomb Pay is proud to announce that we have decided upon a date and how we're going to launch $PBP. The decision wasn't an easy one, we thought about a Pinksale presale, we thought about having a small group of private investors come in and have a piece of the pie before everyone else but that's not how we finally decided to do things. The team wallet will have 10% and only 1% of the contract will be sold to private investors to add to the initial liquidity pool. That means when we do our PANCAKESWAP FAIR LAUNCH, 70% of the contract will be locked with Mudra Locker in the LP there, and we will burn the remaining 19%.

We do not plan to have a gigantic Liquidity Pool to begin with as we've personally put almost everything into the early development of the project, marketing, research and more, hence why we put in the tokenomics to help build the LP and marketing stably and rapidly. The way we see Cryptocurrency it's a path to financial freedom for everyone and that means that everyone should be able to have a fair share, offering up the token to early investors is a nice way to build the initial LP but losing too much of the token to a few people so early means also risking that they can sell their stake at any time. Having just the team and a very select few others with a small amount means the project is SAFU and that's what we want, we want the Powerbomb Pay community to feel safe that no group of investors can dump on them at launch. 10% to the team, 1% privately and the rest, 89% to the LP and burnt was the best thing we thought we could do for the project.

Let us know what you think on telegram at and check out all the project details at


Time Of Launch To Be Announced At Powerbomb Pay With Countdown Timer

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