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Personal Vision Of Powerbomb Pay - My Exact Thoughts

Powerbomb Pay $PBP - Raw/Unedited - The Founder’s Words

I didn’t just wake up one day and have this idea of Powerbomb Pay. No, in fact it’s been something brewing in the back of my mind and in research and development since 2021, a long time coming and now feels like the right time. I’ve been a wrestling fan since 1990 and into Cryptocurrency since 2020. This was an idea that began when NFTs started to be all the rage. WWE jumped on the bandwagon and released John Cena NFTs I think it was and I laughed, I said Crypto in wrestling. They aren’t a match. Then the Cena NFTs flopped, fast, and I sat down that same night and thought about it. Does cryptocurrency have a place in wrestling? How would they compliment each other? Would it even solve a problem? Is the wrestling industry ready for Blockchain technology?

YES! YES! YES! ← Self explanatory, Daniel Bryan, Yes chants… It’s a wrestling reference if you had absolutely no idea what I was doing there but also the answer to most of my questions. The WWE failed with their NFTs because 1, they were over priced, 2, they never explained to their fan base what an NFT was and 3, because WWE doesn’t understand the Blockchain and Crypto yet. Yes, crypto and wrestling absolutely could be a partnership made in heaven. The reach is massive, millions… And millions of wrestling fans we can educate on Crypto and millions… And millions (The Rock) of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who know and understand a good project when they see it.

Is The World Ready For Wrestling & The Blockchain?

The wrestling industry is 100% ready for blockchain technology. Digital collectibles are still as popular as they once were even in this time of accumulation/bear market and wrestlers themselves can profit from selling special one of a kind NFTs that could see immense growth depending on the wrestler’s success in the industry. A win for fans of the wrestler and the wrestler themself. The game industry is lacking on innovative 2d, 3d and text based wrestling games. There is a huge need for something big to come along and revitalize the wrestling gaming world. Besides the big companies and their large scale video games for Mobile, PC and Console, do you know of any wrestling games you can download to your computer? Any actually good wrestling games worth paying for on the App Stores? You can go check, I’ll wait.There really is nothing interesting. Facebook has a wrestling game but the community is fed up of the bugs and issues and have virtually abandoned it. We want to become revolutionaries and become the secondary option behind that big company out there in the wrestling game industry by combining it with Blockchain technology. I’m realistic here and we’re never going to take the top spot from the big player that is the WWE and the games they release but 2nd in a market this large is DAMN ← (Ron Simmons/Farooq) good! Let’s bring the wrestling game community back together and create something that makes everyone take notice.

What Problem Does Powerbomb Pay Solve?

Would a wrestling themed/based cryptocurrency solve a problem? Actually, it solves many problems, first and foremost financial stability for wrestlers. Now we’re not saying the price of the token is going to be stable, no, crypto is very volatile, not financial stability in that sense, financial stability as in a secondary stream of income. With our platform, independent pro wrestlers or wrestlers allowed to have personal ventures outside of their contracts, will have a place to go to make money. By spending time responding to fan messages, doing virtual meet and greets and bringing fans ringside by video for their next match, wrestlers can earn $PBP and while holding $PBP in their wallet, earn $BUSD with every transaction made on the token. Passive income and a reward for trusting in the project/platform.

Powerbomb Pay’s platform solves another problem wrestlers face today, exposure. Sure, there’s lots of social media outlets with clips here and there but having a platform where people come specifically to get to know independent wrestlers and promotions and their work. Wrestlers who sign up to participate on our platform will receive out of this world spotlight profiles showcasing highlights, their bio, all information on them including promotions they’ve wrestled in, championships they’ve won, charities/causes they support and much more. Promotions from around the world will be able to message wrestlers and even book them through the platform opening up a whole new world. We will also open up eyes onto promotions from around the world. One of our goals is to become a low cost streaming platform so even the smallest of promotions can get their live shows out to a large global audience. With our ongoing marketing efforts, wrestlers and promotions can only benefit from being on our platform.

For fans, we make wrestlers more accessible. Pay a little $PBP and have a 5 minute video call with your favorite wrestler on our platform. This isn’t really a thing right now with alot of wrestlers, and we’d like to make it possible by having a highly respected global platform for them to be accessible on and chats hosted by us for security purposes. Fans will also be able to purchase exclusive merchandise like apparel and NFTs of their favorite stars.

Along with merch, we will have special tickets available from promotions for sale, even for the big boys shows. We’ll be able to procure tickets at pre-sale for most events and offer them here at a later date, this comes in handy for sold out shows or situations where you didn’t have the money at the time and get it after.

Fantasy Leagues and E-feds used to be big in wrestling back in the day. Now in the age of social media, most people just play keyboard warrior on people’s posts instead of channeling that energy into a well thought out, artistically crafted written roleplay. We want to bring back that art. The true craft of storytelling is in roleplaying e-feds. Where everything from the entrance, to what happens in the ring is developed by the people involved. The only unknown is the winner, that is determined by the quality of roleplays and if no competitor is waiting in the wings to feud with you and take you out during the match. E-feds put you into the action, your character, your promos, your movesets, you as a wrestler. There will be items available for purchase like special entrances for PPVs, interferences and more.

Fantasy Leagues work just like anywhere else, you draft a roster of superstars from different promotions and match by match we track their wins and losses. Monthly winners of paid fantasy leagues win prizes. Free leagues will be available as well.

For Businesses

Businesses lose 2.9% off the top for average credit card processing fees, online and in person and the dollar/currency you use doesn’t give you the possibility of a 100x or more ROI. With $PBP, we are starting the project off with tokenomics, a 5% tax to help grow the project and reward holders. Once we remove the tax, after launch when the project is financially secure and early holders have been rewarded with the $BUSD reflections (we also will need to remove the taxes in order to be listed on large exchanges who are not equipped to deal with tokenomics), because we are built on the Binance Smart Chain, even the largest of transactions go through within seconds and transaction fees are less than a dollar. The customer sending the money/making the purchase would pay the transaction fee so business owners would see 100% of their money. This is a no brainer when it comes to what puts more into your pocket, traditional ways of banking cost more so adding cryptocurrency payments to your business just makes sense. We’ll also be able to make sure adding crypto payments to your business is a seamless and easy process.

Imagine selling $500 worth of merchandies in one day in Cryptocurrency, then checking your wallet the next week and because the project has had a development or entered discovery phase, that $500 is now $10,000. This is a real possibility, with the right backing and marketing the sky is the limit. And that $10,000 number is low scale, the payoff is always about how early you get in as is the case in any investment.

Early Investors Needed - Make $PBP A Reality

Wrestling NFT Marketplace, Games, Fan/Wrestler Interaction, Wrestler Revenue, Marketing Exposure, Community, Rewards, just some of the reasons why Powerbomb Pay is something that should interest you. My mind is working overtime everyday to get things in place, the hardest thing about all of this is money and this is why I’m looking for initial investors to help get this off the ground. We need initial liquidity and marketing to get started, after that we can launch, everything will take care of itself thanks to the tokenomics. As holders grow, Liquidity Pool grows, rewards grow and the project pays for it’s own marketing which also helps to hire the dev team. If you’re interested, in being an initial investor in Powerbomb Pay, please contact me through any of the methods below. If you read this through to the end, thank you and I hope you support the project in any way you can.

Andrew Holness - LinkedIn

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