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Virtual Meetups/Watch Parties

sometimes you just want to kick it with some other people while watching raw or dynamite at home, but your friends aren't really into wrestling. yeah, we know, sucks to be them. Or maybe you just want to get into a discussion about a new cryptocurrency you just found out about and think has potential but you don't think you could explain it through message properly. Welcome to our virtual meetups/watch parties. basically we'll set up meeting rooms most nights where people who are watching wrestling that night can live chat and react with each other in our meetups.

i mean watching wrestling alone is cool and all but watching it with other like minded fans, nothing beats that. that's why we go to events, be in the crowd, talk to the people next to you, but we can't go to every show and this is the problem we're solving. a global meetup of fans discussing the wrestling show they're watching together or discussing their favorite cryptocurrencies. 

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